class experimentor.views.data_view_widget.DataViewWidget(parent=None)[source]

Base class that defines some common patterns for views which are meant to display data.


method get_layout

Type:By default, views will have a QHBoxLayout, it can be overriden when subclassing, or by changing the

of what specific type of data it is.

Type:This is the data being represented by the widget. This allows to define abstract methods for saving, regardless
default_layout = 'horizontal'

Returns the layout specified as the class attribute default_layout. Override this method to provide more complex behavior.


Decorator to add to methods used in user interfaces. If there is a chance of an error appearing because of devices in the wrong state, etc. but the logic is not fail proof, you can use this decorator to display an error message with the stack trace instead of crashing the program.

exception experimentor.views.exceptions.ViewException[source]